Barb Myers 
Hi there...............let me tell you about Barb......

Transplanted from the land of the Steelers in 1981...

I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.....where everyone knows

"There is no life west of the CHESAPEAKE BAY".

I live in an octagon house with my two lovelies......Yasmin and Gigi. They are brindle great danes and now they have a baby sister. Her name is Ariel and she is blue. They are all from the kennels of Peggy Dieter-Storm of Hagerstown, MD,

For some really fine links to these lovely creatures follow this one Joe Goyettes Home Page
Find some of my good friends there from the Great Dane Listserv and Danebytes.


My politics are------------------------------>over somewhere around Ollie, Ronald and Pat.

My religion and my beliefs are independent, fundamental christian.

What supports all of this is toiling as the Director of Diagnostic Imaging Services at

Beebe Medical Center, Lewes, DE.

I enjoy wet sailing(ie catamaran style) and Playing Trivial Pursuit for blood<S>

My mother who lives in Roxanna, DE. My oldest brother Joel, his wife Gerry and son Christian in Huntsville, AL.

I am a beachbum at this picture will show with my sweetheart......John.....Wish I could live on a sailboat and show my great danes for a hobby whenever the mood struck me.

But since I can't I must work for a living like everyone else I know.

If you have Feed me!comments or suggestions

(SWEETSPOT is where it's at!!!!!!)