Benton Harbor
The guy who started it all for me(S)

  This guy, who was named for my dads birthplace in Michigan, was my introduction to Great Danes. My husband had Great Danes for years and when we married he wanted another.  He was one of a litter of 10 born to some friends. He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed and a great pal and  pet. He completely stole my heart and imprinted forever the love of Great Danes.
He went to the bridge at the ripe ole age of 10 and immediately sent me on a hunt for a show dog.

This led me to the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club for a reference for quality Great Danes. They referred me to Marilyn Draper who has become a good friend. She had no pups at the time but it was the year of the Great Dane National in Allentown, PA.  Marilyn and I  met at the National and she spent time talking to me about showing and about the breed in general. I was fascinated and sold(S)

We sat down at ring side next to Bruce and Peggy Dieter.My husband struck up a conversation with Bruce and it was the beginning of a great friendship and our purchase of a beautful brindle bitch
G'Dieters Bases Loaded Yasmin
June 29,1993-October 16,2002


Yas was shown during her first 2 years. Most of the time by her good friend and mine Greg Holt.  Amassed a basketfull of blue ribbons, one major reserve and no points. She was very nice but hated the show ring and would NOT get up for it. So she became a couch potato. While at the Great Dane Natonal Specialty in Kentucky on October 16,2002, her beloved pet sitter called to tell me she was not doing well. She had been failing for a couple of weeks so Olivia helped her over the bridge. She was her other mother, having been caring for  my Great Danes for years.

Known better to me as Tootsie Roll(S)
A huge piece of my heart left with Yaz
She was a wonderful constant friend when I needed one badly.
I miss you greatly. You can never be replaced in my heart.

updated 11/02
Barb Myers